Friday, 15 November 2013

At least one bittern back at Teifi Marshes

Two bitterns have been reported though all the recent sightings have been of one bittern. So many images taken of the bittern that I thought I would try for a different pose:

Very poor light so had to use ISO3200 f8 @ 1/400sec.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Creek Hide - Teifi Marshes

Reports of an avocet seen at the Creek Hide but we did not find any. Our best effort was a curlew:

And a female goosander:

A good day at Penclacwydd - Llanelli WWT

But not for the poor water vole:

There were three glossy ibis around the reserve, here is an image of two of them in flight:

And this is one of them in front of the Observatory:

And an image of a  spoonbill in flight:

Friday, 25 October 2013

A cormorant at the Teifi Marshes Reserve

Nothing unusual in that - except that these images are from the Creek Hide:

and the Kingfisher Hide:

Not the Curlew hide as usual - with the cormorants on the river Teifi.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Norfolk - rest of the week

The rest of the week included a second visit to Cley Marshes and a second visit to Titchwell. We also spent a day at Pensthorpe. The 'new' birds are:

Pensthorpe has an aviary enclosure where there are 'captive' bearder tits (or bearded readling):

These Egyptian Geese were on Salthouse Marsh near to our cottage:

This knot was taken from one of the hides at Titchwell:

As was this meadow pipit:

And this Ruff:

Norfolk - day 3

The best day of the week by far - spent in Titchwell RSPB. Some of the birds seen:

Curlew sandpiper



Little Stint:


In addition saw distant views of a snow bunting and grey plover.

Norfolk - day 2

A quiet day at Cley Marshes. Not much bird movement, managed this shot of a lapwing in flight:

and this image of a redshank:

Norfolk - day 1

After a five hour drive we just wanted a short walk to clear our heads, so just explore Salthouse. Were very lucky to get this image of a golden plover:

Did not realise how lucky we were at the time - went to the same location several times that week and saw very little. Also managed this view of a ringed plover:

Saw this kestrel hovering over the marsh. It turned out to be the most frustrating bird of the week. Saw one several times, but as we approached it would move away. When we managed to get in front some gulls or crows would mob it and it would disappear in the distance. Did not manage one head on shot - they were all 'bum' shots like this:

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Catching up

I have not updated my blog lately so here is an update for the last few months:

Kingfisher back at Kingfisher Hide, Teifi Marshes at the start of July -

Whitethroat at Ceibwr -

Meadow pipit, also at Ceibwr -

Buzzard above out bungalow -

Reed bunting at Teifi Marshes -

A star bird - wood sandpiper at the Kingfisher Hide -

Snipe also at the Kingfisher Hide:

Grey Heron - Kingfisher Hide -

Swallow - Kingfisher Hide -

Sparrow hawk in our garden -

Little gull on the Teifi -

Spoonbill at Slimbridge WWT -

Common Crane  - also at Slimbridge -

Another star bird - a lesser yellowlegs - Penclacwydd - Llanelli WWT -

Green sandpiper - Creek Hide Teifi Marshes Reserve -

Dunlin - Parrog beach, Newport - while looking for Curlew Sandpiper -

Another Kingfisher at the Kingfisher Hide -

And last but not least another star bird - a wryneck at Newport Wetlands RSPB Reserve -

Up to date!!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Looking for dippers

Went out to Ceibwr looking for dippers. Saw a couple of brief / distant views but not close enough to photograph. The grey wagtail (there were two) and willow warblers (could be chiffchaff) however were more co-operative:

Comments re: willow warbler or chiffchaff are welcome

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Slavonian Grebe

Pembrokeshire Birds blog showed a Slavonian Grebe at Newport - near to the Boatclub. This is one of the images that I managed:

Some other images from the Heron Hide

While waiting for the marsh harrier to show again managed some other images - these are two of the best:

A chiffchaff:

and a song thrush:

Marsh harrier on Teifi Marshes reserve

We travelled hundreds of miles to see marsh harriers in Norfolk, then a few weeks after we return there is a marsh harrier on our local patch. Managed a few quick shots, this is probably the best:

This was taken from the Heron hide - everlooking the reserve. While we were there looking for the harrier we also saw some Sika deer: