Saturday, 29 March 2014

A day at Slimbridge WWT

Spent quite a lot of time at the Kingfisher Hide as there was a male digging a nest in front of the hide. In one exciting episode the kingfisher did some digging then perched on a twig and repeatedly dived to wash off the dirt. At this period I could pre-focus on where I thought the kingfisher was going to dive and try to catch the dive. This is one of the many images I managed:
On the way back to the exit stopped at another hide and saw this little egret catching a newt (hope it is not a crested newt!):

Spring at the Teifi Marshes

Spent some time at the Heron Hide and got my first view of a chiffchaff:

There were two buzzards being very active around the marsh and one landed on an electricity post on the marsh. Suddenly I saw it swoop down and pick something off the marsh. It had caught a frog / toad:

On the way back to the car we saw this comma butterfly on the boardwalk - is it early for this?

Goldcrest at Llanelli WWT

There were not many birds about but walking towards Sir Peter Scott hide we met a birder who said that there were goldcrests in the trees by the walkway. He helped us find some - walking back and fore along the path, but the birds were very active and mostly hidden in the branches. In the end decided to stay in one spot and wait for the goldcrests to come to us, This is one of the resulting images: