Friday, 24 January 2014

18th. January

A visit to Llanelli WWT was not very productive only producing an image of a song thrush - claiming territory. Signs of spring??

A visit to Kidwelly Quay produced a very interesting half hour or so - watching a pair of red-breasted merganser fishing for crabs. This male was the most successful, by far:

Also saw a few redshank:

16th. January - a surprise at Newport Bridge

Looking for birds from Newport bridge was surprised to see what I thought was a dog otter catching fish. In fact it turned out to be a grey seal:

Would love to know, if someone can identify the fish.

13th. January - a visit to Slimbridge WWT

The first image taken was of a field vole (or is it bank vole?):

Most of the other images were of birds in flight - first a pair of Bewick Swans:

A greylag goose:

A Canada Goose:

A shelduck:

A pintail landing:

And a 'flight' of pintails:

5th. December

Another image of the bittern at the Kingfisher Hide. Important only in that it was one of the last images taken of the bittern. It has not been seen since (written on 24th. January 2014).