Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hunt for displaying Great Crested Grebe

We travelled to Cosmeston Lakes to see if we could find some displaying Great Crested Grebe. These were not in full display mode but were starting to display:

Later on we visited our local 'hotspot' for Great Crested Grebe - Llys y Fran reservoir in North Pembrokeshire. We saw several GCG but saw only one pair obviously paired up - but no display. However this individual did approach the side of the reservoir for this portrait:

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

International Salon acceptances

My image of a turnstone at Goodwick harbour has gained acceptance in the 1st. Oxford International Salon of Photography:

That image was also accepted in the Port Talbot International Salon and they accepted my image of a perched kingfisher as well:

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A recent visit to Penclacwydd (Llanelli WWT)

The most interesting bird we saw was a bit of a puzzle. When I took the photograph I thought it was of a female tufted duck. But on processing the image I thought it matched images of a scaup. So it was time to consult the experts - in my case Wendy and Richard. The answer came back as a scaup faced tuftie, i.e. a tufted duck with the face of a scaup. Here it is:
The other two images shown were also taken from the Sir Peter Scott hide. A pair of arguing cormorants:

And a male gadwall: