Sunday, 18 May 2014

More images from the Heron Hide

A female bullfinch - still trying for a good image of a male!
A couple of images of a male blackcap:

Some images of a goldcrest - gathering cobwebs for nest building:

And a house martin in flight:

Various images from the Teifi Marsh reserve

No osprey on the nest but at times it looked like this buzzard was going to nest here:
Two images of an orange tip butterfly:

A mother and two young otters from the Kingfisher Hide:

And some images of a whitethroat from the Heron Hide:

Buzzard displaying down at Ceibwr

From the road we could see two buzzards hovering over the headland. When we walked nearer we could see one of them had nesting material:

Some images from the Heron Hide

A male blackcap:
A chiffchaff:

A long tailed tit:

And a very co-operative wren: