Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Photographs taken on Monday 1st. February

This is a photograph of a Meadow Pipit - though perhaps it should be a Rock Pipit perched on the rocks like this. I do not think it is a Rock Pipit as it does not have dark brown or blackish legs and it does have very long hind claws.
Added on Wednesday 3rd. February - I entered this on Bird Forum and was told that it is a 'littoralis' or Scandinavian Rock Pipit.
It was taken on the 'beach' in front of the Boat Club in Gwbert, near Cardigan. I used my Canon 500mm lens with x1.4 converter - using 800ISO, f8 @ 1/500sec.

This second photograph was taken at the same location. It is a photograph of a Sanderling. Again I used my usual equipment with 800ISO, f8 @ 1/1600sec.

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