Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Photographs taken on Friday 2nd. April

This was the end of our week's holiday in Norfolk. Left our holiday cottage at Blakeney at 6.30am so that we could call at Snetisham on the way back and catch the Knot spectacle. Very high tide was promised. Got to Snetisham at about 7.30 very long walk to the hides. At the first hide no trace of the knot. In the second hide there were hundreds of oyster catchers but apparently no knot - the light was very poor. After a time I noticed what I thought was gravel - moving - turned out to be hundreds of knot all huddled up.

As you can see there were tens of avocet there as well. During the couple of hours we were there the knot hardly moved. I tried photographs at speeds between 2 seconds and 1/1000sec. but with poor light & little movement I did not get the photograph I was looking for - where was the marsh harrier when I wanted one!
There were also tens of black tailed godwit:

but they were equally unexciting. On our long walk back to the car we saw a barn owl out hunting and it landed on a distant post:

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