Sunday, 20 November 2011

Starling Roost at Teifi Marshes Reserve

The number of birds has varied considerable over the last week - from a couple of thousand up to about 40,000. The position of the roost has also varied considerably. When I first saw the roost last week the starlings were roosting on the reeds by the Teifi to the right of the Curlew Hide. By the end of the week they were roosting in the reeds on the opposite side of the path to the Kingfisher Hide. Last night's roost were difficult to count but must have been 15-20k and was in the reeds between the Kingfisher Hide and the Dipping Pond:

This photograph was taken with my Canon 30D camera with my Canon mini-zoom 17-85 ISO800 17mm f8 @ 1/100sec.

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