Monday, 16 April 2012

A visit to the Dyfi Osprey Project

On Saturday we went up to see the ospreys at the Dyfi. The female was on the perch alongside the nest but we did not see the male, though apparently he was perched on a nearby tree. What we did see was good views of a male and female redpoll on the feeders in front of the hide:

Taken with my 500mm lens with 1.4 extender, ISO 1000 f8 @ 1/500sec.

Taken with the same kit, ISO 1000 f8 @ 1/800sec.

On the way back decided to look at the harbour area for purple sandpiper, but no luck. On the way back along the prom I looked towards the sea and saw a dolphin jumping. Managed to park the car and spent an enjoyable half hour watching and taking photographs of a pod of up to 6 dolphins in the bay. They were quite a distance out so this is my best effort:

When a fishing boat approached the dolphin went with it, surfing on the bow wave:

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