Monday, 13 August 2012

Visit to Norfolk

We rented a cottage in Salthouse for a week to look around the local bird reserves. The light was very poor for photography for most of the week but we had an enjoyable time. Highlight of the week, bird wise was an Arctic Skua at Titchwell RSPB:

All the photographs were taken with my Canon 7d at 1000 ISO, 500mm lens with 1.4 converter. The above image was taken f8 @ 1/1600sec.

The image below is not good but is included as it shows a curlew sandpiper on the right and a spotted redshank on the left:

F8 @ 1/2000sec.

The next image is included as I can not recognise the bird - suggestions are welcome:

Thanks to Richard & Wendy for identifying this as a juvenile starling.

The area is well known for avocet so here are two of the many images I took during the week:

F8 @ 1/2500sec.

F8 @ 1/3200sec.

The next is of a flying cormorant:

F8 @ 1/5000sec.

I tried many shots of terns flying, none very good, this is probably the best (common tern):

F8 @ 1/2500sec.

A little egret:

F8 @ 1/4000sec.

A pied wagtail:

F8 @ 1/640sec.

A female reed bunting:

F8 @ 1/2500sec.

 A ruff:

F8 @ 1/500sec.

And a spoonbill:

and in flight:

F8 @ 1/1600sec.

A swallow:

F8 @ 1/2500sec.

A sandwich tern feeding its young:

F8 @ 1/3200sec.

And finally a young swallow:

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