Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Osprey nest erected at the Teifi Marshes Reserve

The Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales employed a specialist contractor to erect an osprey nest on the marsh. The post, platform and nest itself had been prepared beforehand. The day started with getting the nest itself from the workshop - where it had been rebuilt - to the car park for the contractor to take it on to the marsh:

The next job was to take the bog mats on to the marsh - so that the heavy machinery do not sink in the marsh - or damage it unduly:

With a little help from the volunteering team:

Then it was back to the pole:

Now to transfer the nest from the 'mule' to the contractor's tracked vehicle:

And on to the marsh:

Then fitting the nest on to the platform:

and moved on to the place where the nest was to be erected:

How deep is this pond?

Now where are we going to put the nest? (Sorry for the camera shake - I was laughing so much!)

Oh yes -this should do it!

Moving the bog mats into position:

Dig here!

Now for the difficult part:

Fixed into position - backfilled and strapped to nearby willows the nest is in! This is an image of the nest from the marsh.

 And from the car park this is what you see:

Now it is ready - a good home for a homeless osprey!

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