Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Osprey on the Teifi Marshes

Walking back from the Kingfisher Hide towards the car park last Thursday I was confronted by two excited bird watchers. They were very excited to see an osprey on our camera post near the osprey nest. I took a photograph of the bird and mentioned at the time that I thought it was a buzzard but was laughed at. I was told that it definitely was an osprey. When I arrived home and looked at my e-mail there was one from Nathan confirming the sighting of an osprey on the reserve. I phoned him and said that I had an image of the bird but thought that it was a buzzard - on looking at the image he confirmed that it was in fact a light coloured buzzard. Here is the image:

Better luck next time. This is one time I did not want to be right!

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