Monday, 27 June 2011

A day out in Slimbridge WWT

Did not see the red necked phallarope or the spoonbill but still had a good day. In front of the South Pond hide there was a pair of oyster catchers feeding their two young:

Taken with my Canon 30D (my Canon 50d got smashed up when I went to Skokholm) - ISO400 500mm lens f8 @ 1/500sec.

As usual there were birds I could not identify. In the hide along side the shop by the canoe safari I took the following photograph. At first I thought the birds were Ruddy Shelduck. In fact there were some Ruddy Shelduck quite close to these two, so that I could see that they were completely different:

The other photograph of interest during the day was not a bird - in fact it was an otter. The enclosure is surrounded by perspex screens making good photographs difficult but I managed to stand on a (low) wall and one of the otters co-operated by perching on a log quite high up from the water.

Taken with the Canon 30d 500mm lens, ISO 400 f8 @ 1/250sec.

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