Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Skokholm Island - day 4

Our last full day on Skokholm - and our best! Starting with two birds taken from the hide at Well Pond. The first was a spotted flycatcher:

Taken with the 500mm lens ISO400 f8 @ 1/800sec.

And the next was a wren again:

Taken with the same kit & settings f8 @ 1/1000sec.

Next was another repeat but probably slightly better shot of a flying oyster catcher:

Again same kit & settings f8 @ 1/250sec.

Next was the star bird of the week - a spoonbill on North Pond:

Same kit & settings f8 @ 1/1250sec.

And last of all a couple of sunsets - the sunsets on Skokholm Island are stunning:

Finally thanks to Jerry (the warden of Skokholm Island) and his staff for looking after us well during the time or our stay.

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