Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Skokholm Island - day 2

Another wonderful day on the island - took over 500 images reduced to about half that when the rubbish was removed. Here are some of the new birds taken on that day. A meadow pipit (I think - let me know if you think differently):

Taken with my Canon 500mm f4 lens ISO400 f5.6 @ 1/1600sec.

An Oyster Catcher on some railings overlooking South Haven:

Taken with my Canon 400mm f5.6 lens ISO400 f8 @ 1/640sec.

A sedge warbler seen from the hide at Well Pond:

Taken with my Canon 500mm lens with 1.4 extension ISO1000 f8 @ 1/3200sec.

A reed bunting from the same hide:

Taken with the 500mm lens ISO1000 f8 @ 1/1000sec.

And lastly a rock pipit:

Taken with the 500 lens and 1.4 converter ISO1000 f8 @ 1/4000

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