Thursday, 8 September 2011

Curlew Hide at Teifi Marshes on 5th. Sept

This time the Curlew Hide lived up to its name, I would like the Kingfisher Hide to do the same! This is one of my images of a curlew just in front of the hide:

Taken with the 500mm lens, 1.4 converter ISO500 f8 @ 1/800sec. Note that I have changed from my usual ISO1000 to ISO500 for a period to see if I notice an improvement in quality.

I had read that there were up to 12 little egrets on the Teifi, but had not seen more than 4 at a time. Managed  a couple of shots of egrets in front of the hide:

 Taken with the same kit and ISO settings, f8 @ 1/3200sec.

This was f8 @ 1/2000sec. Notice that the bird furthest away seems larger and is the same one as in the previous photograph. I was hoping for a fight but they seem to be getting on all right.

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