Monday, 26 September 2011

Otter fest

Today down on the Teifi took over three hundred images of otters - in about 2 hours! This blog is in danger of becoming my otter blog. First saw the two otters in front of the Curlew Hide then followed them down to the bridge (Pont y Priordy). Here are some of the images:

All taken with a Canon 7D with Canon 500mm lens with 1.4 converter ISO 500. This one f8 @ 1/400sec.

This one f8 @ 1/640sec.

This one f8 @ 1/500sec.

This one f8 @ 1/640sec.

This one f8 @ 1/640sec. Looking back at the images there must have been three otters - a mother and two cubs, but we only saw two at any one time.

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